Hope and Hart saying Hello, Why we chose our new name?

Hope and Hart = Hope for Strength and Hart for the lost heartbeat now never forgotten

Change is never easy is it? I just knew deep down that it was time to move away from a name that I had tried to make work for so long, but in truth it just wasn’t.

My journey into the world of entrepreneurship, wasn’t quite the normal one. This is not something I have spoken openly about before, but something that has been weighing very heavy on me, more so in recent weeks.

When I first started out I actually had a business partner, sadly it just wasn’t mean’t to be and even more sadly our partnership ended very sour. I decided to continue with the streetwear brand I had started to create under the name “Dirty Stag”, after a year or so I realised I wasn’t actually enjoying what I was doing any more and more so doing it just to prove a point. I decided to drop the name Dirty Stag, abbreviate it and DS London was born.

Clothing was never really my “thing” and so i took up my first love again of making leather bags and this is the brand you have all come to know and love. Since starting DS London, I have never really bonded with the name of the brand I created, making luxury leather bags it was more refined and elegant then Dirty Stag but it was never quite right.

I have always shied away from telling anyone I met about my business and the meaning behind the name. I would have preferred not to talk about it then have to explain the long story that pained me to think about.   

Re- branding is something I have been thinking about for a really long time now but just never came up with a name/phase I was truly happy with.

Since we lost our baby due to an ectopic pregnancy earlier this year ( you can read about it here), I’ve spoken openly about how I’ve struggled getting back into working on my brand and putting myself out there. I can honestly say Hope and Hart is has been a breath of fresh air and one that I truly love. One I love so much I now don’t stop talking about it.   

So why Hope and Hart I hear you ask? 

The name Hope and Hart came from my simple need for hope, to find strength getting my head around our baby loss, and hart is simply a play on words for a lost heartbeat, which will now never be forgotten.

You always hear people say how children changed their life and how they can’t imagine them not being around. Our story was not one that I hoped to tell but that lost heartbeat has given me more then I thought possible, and I will be forever grateful for that.    

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