How do you sew a simple backstitch?

After Running Stitch, backstitch is the next easiest hand embroidery stitch to master.

Backstitch has so many uses from lettering, outlining to filling in shape. It’s abilities are endless giving a sleek clean finish that will make any project look professional.



Keep your stitch lengths the same and even and don’t pull too hard, keeping your tension the same will create the even looking finish.

Prefer step-by-step images?

No problem, keep scrolling for the tutorial.



Start by pulling the needle and thread up through the fabric, make one stitch forward. From underneath the fabric, decide on the length of your stitch, push the needle up through the fabric. Then bring the needle and thread back down through the fabric at the end of the previous stitch.

Want to put this stitch into practise?

Here are some of our Embroidery kits.

Don’t worry they all come with step by step guides to help you with the stitches you are unfamiliar with.

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