How do you sew a French Knot?

How do you sew a french knot?

French knots are great for decorative pieces of embroidery, flowers and added a bit of texture.

They can be tricky to get the hang of them but hold on in there. Practice really does make perfect and they look so beautiful when done correctly.

This stitch requires two hands.


Start by pulling the needle and thread up through the fabric, near the base of the thread you have just pulled through. Wrap the thread around the needle (please note – the more times you wrap the thread round the needled the larger the knot will be)



Holding the thread firmly push the needle through the fabric just next to where the thread came up through the fabric. (Do not put the needle in the exact same hole or it will not work).



Still firmly holding onto the thread, with your other hand pull the needle through the fabric to create the knot.



Lastly make sure you have secured the knot tightly enough for it not to come loose, and there you have your french knot!

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