Beginners Guide: Stab Method VS Sewing Method

stab method VS Sewing method

There are two main types of sewing methods, as the title of this post suggests they are indeed called the Stab method and the Sewing Method.

If you are a compete beginner to sewing of any kind you may find the Stab Method to be the most simple and easiest to get the hang of. You will find you have more control of this method and be able to place your needle in the correct place. The one downside to this method is it does take longer.

The sewing method once you are more confident in your sewing / embroidery journey will allow you are speed up sewing and give you the ability to explore more complicated stitches.

Both of the methods are demonstrated below so you can chose the one that best fits your sewing style.

It’s important to remember there really is no right or wrong way to sew. Do what’s most comfortable for you and the way you find most comfortable.

stab method VS Sewing method

Stab Method

This method has two parts to it.

Start by bringing your needle and thread up through the fabric.

1) Next stab the fabric and bring the needle back down.

2) Stab the fabric again to being the needle up to the surface again.

Sewing Method

Start by bringing your needle and thread up through the fabric.

To make a stitch bring the needle down through the fabric but do not push it all the away through. Bring the needle back up to the surface so it catches the fabric in the middle. This will be your stitch.

The fabric gap between the needle will be the stitch length if you would like this to uniform make sure this is the same length throughout your sewing.



Think of how you would secure a pin onto fabric this is the same technique

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