5 common embroidery mistakes and how to fix them.

common embroidery mistakes

Hand embroidery can be very frustrating, from thread that knots very easily or fabric that will not stay in its hoop, but it doesn’t have to be. Embroidery should be a relaxing a therapeutic experience and most importantly an enjoyable one. 

Below are the five most common mistakes those who are starting out on their embroidery journey and how to fix them.

common embroidery mistakes

1.Using a bamboo hoop

Change it for a beechwood brands like nurge or ellbese are great.
If you’re not keen on using a wooden hoop opt for a good quality plastic version.


2. Using poor quality threads.

I completely understand when your starting out you don’t want to spend a lot on materials but the cheaper embroidery threads will make you life a lot hard they knot and fray and will make it hard for you to enjoy the craft.

Invest in a few skeins from brands like DMC, Anchor or Paintbox by Love Crafts

**TOP TIP**- Coating your threads in bees or soya wax will help to prevent your threads from stopping further.

3. Using the wrong fabric

Start with a non stretchy fabric like a linen or cotton. It will make you life so much easier.

4. Avoid using permanent pen such a a biro or sharpie draw on your template.

If you’re ready to make an investment opt of a heat erasable pen these are my favourite
Then you can use a hairdryer to remove it once it’s done

Alternatively, using a HB pencil will work fine the idea is for you to have a guide line to work off. If your using a pencil make sure when you stitching you sew over your lines!

5. If your fabric is loose in the hoop you will struggle to sew your design.

Make sure it’s taut enough so that you can tap it to sound like a drum!

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