Best embroidery stitches for text

Best embroidery stitches for text

When sewing text onto embroidery there is one clear aim, you want your lettering to be clear and have clean edges. Depending on if you want to create texture or a more unique embroidery there are really only a handful of stitches that are great for sewing letters.

Best embroidery stitches for text


(Click here for the Backstitch How to guide)

Backstitch is a great basic stitch for embroidery text. Sewing with uniform stitches can create a beautiful over all look to your project. It’s also great for covering a lot of space in a short amount of time if you need to get your project finished quickly.

Personally I find backstitch great for single lined text (eg only one line is sewn, not multiples like with calligraphy lettering that requires a little more depth)

If backstitch seems a little bit basic for you why not try and jazz things up a little with whipped backstitch, threaded backstitch or double threaded backstich.

Split Stitch

(Click here for the split stitch How to guide)

Split stitch is my personal favourite when it comes to lettering as you can probably tell from all my makes. I find it’s finish to be much smoother and consistent then the others and really like the clean sharp edges it allows you to create.


Chain Stitch

(Click here for the chain stitch How to guide)

Chain stitch is perfect for adding in texture to your lettering. Being able to adjust the length of the stitch will completely change the look and a feel of it.

The smaller the stitch the greater the texture and its perfect for really curved lettering and giving a beautiful finish.


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