Frequently Asked Questions

about our custom baby scan embroderies

Will it look like my baby scan?

Jenni will do her best to make it look as close to the picture of the scan provided as possible. 

The better the image quality you provide me with will allow me to create a lot more detail within the embroidery itself.

Can I only have a white frame?

Yes, i’m afraid at this time we are only able to supply white frames with our embroideries.

If you would like a different colour or designed frame, please order either theLarge baby scan in a hoop or the Smaller baby scan in a hoop and you will be able to frame it yourself at home. Please select “No Bow” if you would like to frame it yourself at home.

What do you need from me in order to recreate my embroidery?

We only need a clear copy of your ultrasound scan to complete the embroidery. This can be emailed to us when ordering or up to 6 months after placing the order if this is a gift.

If we feel the image isn’t clear enough or we are unable to create a detailed enough embroidery from the image provided we will be in contact with you to discuss further options.

I’ve changed my mind can I cancel my order?

Yes, although we hope you don’t want to cancel your order, as long it is within 30 days of purchase or the custom order has not already been started it can be cancelled for a full refund.

I don’t like my embroidery can I return it?

Unless the embroidery has arrived damaged or is faulty. No it cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged for something else. As these are unique to you and your baby we are unable to resell them.

How long will it take?

On average a custom embroidery can take up to 8 weeks to produce, please bear in mind that during busy seasons this timeline can become a little longer. Usually they are sent a lot sooner then this time frame.

We allow this much time as each embroidery takes Jenni around 35+ hours to create each embroidery depending on size and details required.

What happens to my ultrasound scan once you have finished the embroidery?

In line with our privacy policy and GDPR Data protection, after your embroidery has been completed and posted to you we shred and dispose of the images right away.

Under no circumstances are these images kept.